Princess Zlatka in kingdom of colors
Princess Zlatka in the kingdom of colors
March 17, 2022
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October 1, 2018
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Castle – New employability skills and business creation in the audiodescription and subtitling sector

In many European countries people with visual and hearing disabilities are still excluded from cultural life as the level of accessibility is extremely low. When it comes to audiodescription and subtitling (practices which offer to visually/hearing people an equal opportunity to enjoy arts under comparable circumstances), across Europe there are some good practices but generally the level of implementation of these services is very low.

The audiodescription/subtitling has to become the norm, not the exception, as it is today. Unfortunately, the profession of Audiodescriber/Subtitler is still not widespread at EU level and in many countries it is not even recognized as “profession”. Many professionals are working in isolation or on voluntary basis and the possibilities to make their job sustainable in time are very limited.